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The Canary Islands are famous for their mild sub-tropical climate throughout the year, with an average temperature of 19-22°C. However the summers can be hot, especially in August, though it’s nothing compared to the mediterranean heat. But at the same time, the Canary Islands are closer to the equator, which means that the sun burns even more so do remember to use appropriate protection.

Current weather and forecast for the Canary Islands

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Gran CanariaTenerifeLanzaroteFuerteventuraLa PalmaEl Hierro

Every Canary Island has its own weather and climate…

Every island has its own characteristics which means that weather phenomena like temperatures and rainfall differ a lot between the islands. Roughly you could say that the closer to the African coast, the warmer and drier. The islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are considerably warmer than for example La Palma and El Hierro, which are situated further out in the Atlantic.

… and each Canary Island is a micro continent

You’ll even find the climate of each island differs depending on region. Gran Canaria is a perfect example of a “micro continent”. The southern parts of the island is more like a prolongation of the Sahara desert of the African continent. The central massives climbs up to more than 2.000 metres, with sporadic snowfalls in winter time. The northern regions of San Mateo and Santa Brígida are definitely more temperate and green with plenty of rainfall especially during the winter season.